Prosess- og strømningsteknologi

A new constitutive model for the finite element simulation of local hot forming of aluminum 6xxx alloys
Thin film flow over spinning discs: The effect of surface topography and flow rate modulation
Coupled modelling of air-gap formation and surface exudation during extrusion ingot DC-casting
Mixing-induced precipitation: Experimental study and multiscale numerical analysis
A pseudospectral Fourier method for a 1D incompressible two-fluid model
Analysis of a 1D incompressible two-fluid model including artificial diffusion
Numerical simulations of a new local hot forming process for making imprints in aluminium extrusions
Simplified method for establishing constitutive equations and flow stress data for welding stress modelling
Numerical simulation of deformation/motion of a drop suspended in viscous liquids under influence of steady electric fields
Bridging the gap between membrane bio-reactor (MBR) pilot and plant studies
Optimized spectral method for plasma wave equations
Integrating biosystem models using waveform relaxation
Shear thinning and frequency-dependent behaviour of adsorbed polymer layers: Part II. Three-layer flow model
Numerical simulation of the onset of slug initiation in laminar horizontal channel flow
Shear thinning and frequency dependent behaviour of adsorbed polymer layers: Part I. Experimental aspects and a first order analysis
Two-layer flow with one viscous layer in inclined channels
Prediction of the translational velocity of liquid slugs in gas-liquid slug flow using computational fluid dynamics
Computer simulation of evolving capillary bridges in granular media
The strength of liquid bridges in random granular materials