Sikkerhet MTO

The use of mindful safety practices at Norwegian petroleum installations
Genetic algorithms for signal grouping in sensor validation: a comparison of the filter and wrapper approaches
Evaluation of ecological interface design for nuclear process control: Situation awareness effects
Enhancing operator task performance during monitoring for unanticipated events through ecological interface design
Risk trends, indicators and learning rate: A new case study of North Sea oil and gas
Automatic source code analysis of failure modes causing error propagation
The International Empirical HRA Study using simulator human performance data
Robust arbeidspraksis
Insights from comparison of HRA method predictions with empirical data on human performance in accident scenarios
The International HRA Empirical Study: Experimental results and insights into performance shaping factors
Improvisasjon - tabu og nødvendighet
The International Human Reliability Empirical Study: Simulator scenarios, data collection and identification of human failure events
Incorporating simulator evidence into HRA: Insights from the data analysis of the international HRA empirical study
Ti tommeltotter og null ulykker? Om barrierer og feiltoleranse
A comparison of results from a pilot benchmarking study of HRA methods – A comparison of method predictions against the outcomes observed in the simulator study
Benchmarking HRA methods against simulator data – Design and organization of the international HRA empirical study
Devlopment of a software tool for the analysis and verification of emergency operating procedures through the integrated simulation of plant and operators actions
Technical condition indexes and remaining useful life of aggregated systems
The core dimension
Benchmarking human reliability analysis (HRA) methods against simulator data – Method for the comparison
Ecological interface design in the nuclear domain : an empirical evaluation of ecological displays for the secondary subsystems of a boiling water reactor plant simulator
The international HRA empirical study: Experimental results and insights into performance shaping factors
Ecological interface design in the nuclear domain: an application to the secondary subsystems of a boiling water reactor plant simulator
Resilience markers for safer systems and organisations
Bridging human factors and human reliability analysis
Defined situations of hazard and accident related to integrated operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Integrating risk assessment into requirements engineering
Mean ends and whole-part traceability of safety requirements
Demonstrating safety through dependable requirements engineering
Condition monitoring for maintenance support
A simulator experiment investigationg the effects of masked indicators in a NPP emergency control task : scenario and design
Resilience and the training of nuclear operators : a view from the shop floor
Assessing user experience through retrospective time estimation
Reconstruction of faulty signals by an ensemble of principal component analysis models optimized by a multi-objective genetic algorithm