Highly destabilized Mg-Ti-Ni-H system investigated by density functional theory and hydrogenography
Neutron powder diffraction study of crystal and magnetic structures of orthorhombic LuMnO3
Nanoparticle induced self-assembly
Adjustment of the stability of complex hydrides by anion substitution
The structure of LiMg(AlD4)3
Dehydrogenation reaction of Li-Mg-N-H systems studied by in situ synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction and powder neutron diffraction
Reversed surface segregation in palladium-silver alloys due to hydrogen adsorption
LiAlD4 with VCl3 additives: Influence of ball-milling energies
Reverse Monte Carlo investigation of the temperature dependent deuterium distribution in ZrCr2D4
The crystal structure of LiMgAlD6 from combined neutron and synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction
Structure and morphology of polyfluorenes in solutions and the solid state
Control over phase behavior and solution structure of hairy-rod polyfluorene by means of side-chain length and branching
Temperature-induced intermicellization and contraction in aqueous mixtures of sodium dodecyl sulfate and an amphiphilic diblock copolymer
Repulsive carbon-deuterium interactions in zirconium and titanium carbodeuterides
Experimental studies of α-AlD3 and α′-AlD 3versus first-principles modelling of the alane isomorphs
Phase-field modeling of solute precipitation and dissolution
Structure of Ca(BD4)2 β-phase from combined neutron and synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data and density functional calculations
Density functional theory study of the TiH2 interaction with a NaAlH4 cluster
The crystal structure of LaPtInH0.53
Carbon nanocones: A variety of non-crystalline graphite
Temperature dependence of the cation distribution in ZnFe2 O4 measured with high temperature neutron diffraction
A transmission electron microscope and electron diffraction study of carbon nanodisks
LiSc(BH4)4: A novel salt of Li and discrete Sc(BH4)4- Complex anions
Thermodynamic modeling of the Na-Al-Ti-H system and Ti dissolution in sodium alanates
Microstructures in aqueous solutions of a polyoxyethylene trisiloxane surfactant and a cosurfactant studied by SANS and NMR self-diffusion
Fractal aggregates of polyfluorene−polyaniline triblock copolymer in solution state
Structural properties of the nanoscopic Al85Ti15 solid solution observed in the hydrogen-cycled NaAlH4 + 0.1TiCl3 system
Hydrogen adsorption on carbon nanocone material studied by thermal desorption and photoemission
Aggregation of magnetic holes in a rotating magnetic field
The H-sorption behaviour of ball-milled MgH2 5 mol.% FeF3 studied by in-situ small angle neutron scattering
Crystal structure, electronic structure, and vibrational properties of MAlSiH (M=Ca,Sr,Ba): Hydrogenation-induced semiconductors from the AlB2-type alloys MAlSi
Tailored instrumentation for long-pulse neutron spallation sources
Transmission electron microscopy characterization of NaAlH4
Kavliprisen i nanovitenskap 2008
Pair Distribution Functions and Reverse Monte Carlo modeling of disordered metal hydrides
Structures of aluminium-based light weight hydrides
The crystal structure of LaPtInH0.53
Carbon cones - A structure with unique properties
Virtual experiments: the ultimate aim of neutron ray-tracing simulations