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VNEM : improving accuracy of power distribution calculations in pressurized water reactor core
Genetic algorithms for grouping of signals for system monitoring and diagnostics
Diagnosing faults in nuclear components by an ensemble of feature-diverse fuzzy classifiers
Solutions for plant-wide on-line calibration monitoring
Challenges related to error propagation in software systems
Halden Reactor Project activities on common-cause failures in digital I&C systems of NPPs
Model redundancy and diversity for signal validation by genetic algorithms-based signal grouping
Oil & Gas offshore/onshore Integrated Operations – introducing the Brage 2010+ project
Some challenges and solutions assessing the safety of ATM systems
An approach for secure event reporting, storage and treatment
Supporting situation awareness through ecological interface design
Towards efficient traceability of safety relevant systems
Analysis of error propagation between software processes
Improving model-based risk assessment methods by integrating the results of requirements engineering into the system models
Towards a skeleton for categorisation of dependent failures in complex ICT-driven systems: Understanding types of complexity
Assessing reliability of compound software
Cable aging assessment and condition monitoring using Line Resonance Analysis (LIRA)
A comparison of two presence measures based on experimental results
Navigation in desktop virtual environments: An evaluation and recommendations for supporting usability
I&C Safety Research at the OECD Halden Reactor Project
The Halden Reactor Project: Experience gained in international research
Meeting human reliability requirements through human factors design, testing, and modeling
A review of expertise and judgment processes for risk estimation
Dynamic human reliability analysis : benefits and challenges of simulating human performance
An empirical study of HRA methods : overall design and issues
Capturing control room simulator data with the HERA system
Integrated operations and insights on functional analysis techniques
Constraints in designing simulator scenarios and identifying human failure events for testing HRA methods
An organizational-pedagogical framework to support competence assurance activities
Halden Project activities relating to hybrid control room automation systems