Material Technology

Isothermal decomposition of LiAlD4

Blanchard, D. , Brinks, H.W. , Hauback, B.C.
Journal of alloys and compounds, Vol. 416, no. 1/2 (8 June 2006), 72-89
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A model based on the John–Mehl Avrami formalism has been successfully applied to predict the amount of deuterium released during isothermal decomposition of LiAlD4, as-received or mechanically milled with Al or VCl3. The John–Mehl Avrami parameters indicate that for LiAlD4 not mixed with additives the nucleation of the new phases during its decomposition is of the continuous nucleation type while for LiAlD4 ball-milled with VCl3, the nucleation is of the site saturation type.
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