Nukleær sikkerhet og pålitelighet

Measurements of carbon steel ECP and critical deuterium concentration under CANDU conditions in the Halden Reactor
Code of conduct on the safety of research reactors from an operators point of view
Inert matrix fuel behaviour in test irradiations
Kjernekraft i dag og som en framtidig energikilde
Kjernekraft i dag og som en framtidig energikilde
In-core crack growth rate studies on irradiated austenitic stainless steels in BWR and PWR conditions in the Halden Reactor
LOCA testing at Halden : in-pile test in IFA-650 and preliminary PIE
LOCA testing at Halden : second in-pile test in IFA-650 and preliminary PIE
Kjernekraft, videre utvikling eller avvikling
Rod deformation measurements at Halden : a review
Test facilities and on-line instrumentation capabilities for core component materials investigations at the Halden Reactor Project
The Halden Project, in-core instrumentation and instrumentation for monitoring magnetic property changes
Comparison of inert matrix fuel irradiations at OECD Halden Reactor
Inert matrix and thoria fuel irradiation at OECD Halden Reactor
Status of nuclear fuels and materials irradiation using the HBWR and instrumentation/re-instrumentation technology
Yttrium stabilised Zirconia inert matrix fuel irradiation at OEDC Halden Reactor
Technical capabilities for fuel and material irradiation testing at the Halden Reactor
TFRPD MOX benchmark summary report
Review of WWER fuel and material tests in the Halden Reactor
Irradiation test of MOX fuel in the Halden reactor and the analysis of measured data with the fuel performance code COSMOS
Rod overpressure : lift-off testing at Halden
Gamma dosimetry using Red 4034 Harwell dosimeters in mixed fission neutrons and gamma environments