Crystal structure and stability of LiAlD4 with TiF3 additive
Electron-microscopy studies of NaAlH4 with TiF3 additive: Hydrogen-cycling effects
Simulation of random packing of binary sphere mixtures by mechanical contraction
Phase separation and structural properties of semidilute aqueous mixtures of ethyl(hydroxyethyl)cellulose and an ionic surfactant
Viscoelastic and structural properties of pharmaceutical hydrogels containing monocaprin
Pressure-composition isotherms and thermodynamic properties of TiF 3-enhanced Na2LiAlH6
Elastic, quasielastic, and inelastic neutron-scattering studies on the charge-transfer hexamethylbenzene-tetracyanoquinodimethane complex
Synchrotron X-ray studies of Al1-yTiy formation and re-hydriding inhibition in Ti-enhanced NaAlH4
Structural and dynamical properties of aqueous mixtures of pectin and chitosan
Association in aqueous solutions of a thermoresponsive PVCL-g-C 11EO42 copolymer
The crystal structure of KAlD4
Analytical electron microscopy studies of lithium aluminum hydrides with Ti- and V-based additives
Determination of the crystal structure of Mg(AlH4)2 by combined X-ray and neutron diffraction
Electron microscopy studies of lithium aluminium hydrides
Synthesis and crystal structure of Na2LiAlD6
Quasi-elastic (QENS) and inelastic neutron scattering (INS) on hexamethylbenzene
In situ powder synchrotron and neutron diffraction study of Zr 2Ni deuterides
Den evigvarende energistrømmen
Effects of beta-Cyclodextrin addition and temperature on the modulation of hydrophobic interactions in aqueous solutions of an associative alginate
Stability of conjugated carbon nanocones
Effects of surfactant and temperature on rheological and structural properties of semidilute aqueous solutions of unmodified and hydrophobically modified alginate
Physical properties of aqueous solutions of a thermo-responsive neutral copolymer and an anionic surfactant : Turbidity and small-angle neutron scattering studies
Pressure-induced phase transitions of the LiAlD4 system
Dynamics of complex interconnected systems: Networks and bioprocesses. NATO Advanced Study Institute, Geilo, Norway, 11-21 April 2005