A selection of IFE's research projects

Nuclear Power and Nuclear Safety

Developing Neutron Reflectometry for materials research in Norway
Neutron Reflectometry is an advanced analytical method that can provide depth resolved information ranging from about 5 to 5000 Å. It allows access to the concentration of a species in a direction perpendicular to the film surface, probe lateral order and also determine the magnetic micro-structure. Neutron Reflectometry has never been performed inside Norway and Norwegian researchers have to rely on large-scale facilities and scientific know-how located outside the Nordic countries to perform these studies.
ESS - IFE test beamline for neutron detectors
Collaborative activities between IFE and ESS. The main goal is to provide a dedicated beam channel for testing of detectors and the development of new neutron techniques relevant to ESS.
New Instrument for material analysies by use of the Neutron flux from JEEP II.
Total scattering techniques for investigations of disorder in the solid state
"Total scattering" techniques , which reveal information about atomic and short-range atomic correlations by considering the diffuse scattering in addition to the Bragg scattering, have proven to be very powerful for investigations of the structur of disordered materials. These techniques are about to reach maturity but are hardly exploited by Norwegian research communities.