A selection of IFE's research projects

Energy and Environment

Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives (NETP)
Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (NETP2016) is a research collaboration between the IEA, seven leading research institutions from the Nordic countries and Nordic Energy Research. IFE is the Norwegian research partner.
Nordic PV - Solar Electricity from Materials to System Integration
The purpose of Nordic PV, a scientific project between Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), University of Uppsala (UU), Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Danish Technological Institute (DTI) Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) funded by Nordic Energy Research, is to stimulate research and development related to solar electricity in order to strengthen the commercial development of solar cells in the Nordic countries.
North European TIMES model
The overall goal of the project has been to use bottom-up techno-economic models to examine the role Norway can play both as a provider of green energy, green products and storage capacity in hydro reservoirs.
This EU project aims at monitoring energy efficiency trends and policy measures in Europe.
Optimal water flooding based on natural water tracer data
A compact program for analysis, quality control, method development and application development involving the use of natural water chemistry and isotopes for reservoir monitoring purposes.
Performance of PV modules in arid areas – effect of soiling and module technology on yearly yield
In this project IFE collaborates with University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and Scatec Solar to develop methodology to predict and optimize the efficiency of PV systems in arid areas.
Pressure and stress interactions in sedimentary basins
The objective of the project is to increase the understanding of and to quantify the geological processes controlling fluid flow and stress in sedimentary basins.
Regional Effects of Energy Policy
Security of supply in a green power market - The challenges and opportunities of intermittent power
Silicon product control for better Li-ion batteries (Siproco Fobeliba)
In this project we investigate how we can make better rechargeable batteries. IFE's battery research focuses on developing silicon as a material for storing the lithium in Li-ion batteries.
Exploring solar on-farm energy production combined with a fleet of electrical vehicles and precision agriculture for reduced GHG-emissions.
Strategic Institute Program - New Advanced Materials for Hydrogen Storage
The prospects of a future non polluting "Hydrogen Society" is currently the focus of considerable R&D. IFE has long traditions in studies of hydrogen in solid materials.
The Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology
Thin and highly efficient silicon-based solar cells incorporating nanostructures
This large research project aims at using the intriguing possibilities offered by nanotechnology and nanostructured materials to dramatically enhance the cost-efficiency of silicon-based solar cells. Within this project, new materials and technologies for making solar cells from very thin crystalline silicon substrates are being targeted.