A selection of IFE's research projects
Vision-Based Diagnostics [2003-2008]
The goal of the Vision-Based Diagnostics project was to develop systems for automated, continuous monitoring of essential process equipment using primarily thermographic, but also ordinary visual light cameras. The activity led to the development of a software-based tool named Vision to perform this task.
A Nodal Neutron Transport Method for Calculating In-Core Power Distribution of Light Water Reactors
Zero Emission Gas Power Plant (ZEG) – Verification of process design in laboratory scale (2006-2007)
The main goal of the present project is to build, test and evaluate a 2 kW laboratory scale plant for co-production of electricity and hydrogen from natural gas with integrated CO2-capture. The plant comprises an integrated system with a SOFC-stack and a reactor for hydrogen production by sorption enhanced reforming.
ZeroGen II - Technologies for Large Scale Zero Emission Power Plants (2008-2009)
The main objective of the present project is to identify the optimal integration of the ZEG-technology with respects to high overall efficiency, high CO2 capture rate, low production costs of electricity and hydrogen as well as low CO2 capture costs in large scale zero emission power plants.
ZeroGen – Technologies for Zero Emission Power Plants (2005-2008)
The main objective of the ZeroGen program is to establish competence and knowledge within critical technology areas crucial for the realization of ultra-efficient zero emission power plants that can supply electric power and/or hydrogen to the marketplace at competitive prices.