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Augmented Reality
AR is a further development of the virtual reality, VR, technology and is understood as a combination of digital models and the physical world. An AR system generates a composite view with a combination of a virtual model or scene and the physical, real life setting in which the viewer is located. The technology has until recently been expensive, resource demanding and requiring advanced knowledge in the field. Due to these factors the use has been limited mainly to military, medical research and other highly specialised applications.
Core Data Viewer
3D visualisation of reactor core data, such as power density distribution, is a powerful technique for gaining insight into the characteristics of a reactor core's state. The Core Data Viewer is a configurable software application developed to enable 3D visualisation of user-supplied data to be provided on engineers’ computers and in classrooms, with appropriate functionality to support meaningful exploration of the data.
The tool supports creation of ISO VRML97 geometry files. It further provides polygon reduction functionality for simplification of geometry, level-of-detail editing and generation functionality. It can be run interactively or in batch mode.
HVRC VRdose® is a real-time software tool for modelling and characterising nuclear environments, planning a sequence of activities in a modelled environment, optimising protection against radiation, producing job plan reports with dose estimates, and briefing stakeholders.
ProcSee® is a versatile software tool to develop and display dynamic graphical user interfaces. It is a mature, high-quality software product, designed and optimized for large-scale simulators and process monitoring & control applications.
Software Bus
The Software Bus (SWBus) is an object-oriented, TCP/IP based, data communication system particularly aimed at simulator systems and process surveillance and control systems. It handles complex, user-defined data types and is optimised for transferring a large number of variables from a central data source to a large number of clients.