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A new impulse: Carbon capture and storage
Dr Asunción Aranda of the Institute for Energy Technology in Norway outlines in this article a new impulse for CO2 capture, utilisation and storage.
Recover for the future - The IOR Norway 2016 conference
A large international conference organised by the National IOR Centre of Norway gathered almost 300 people from oil companies, oil service, research institutes, universities and government to present and discuss research on increased oil recovery.
In pursuit of the perfect tracer
IFE is designing new tracers that can reveal how much oil is left in the fields.
IOR Centre boosts optimism in the oil industry
Large conference event in Stavanger gathered 300 people to celebrate the first year of the National IOR Centre of Norway, a joint centre run by the University of Stavanger, IRIS and IFE.
National IOR research centre with high ambitions
– The new IOR centre’s goal is to increase oil recovery rates up towards 70 %, states Centre Manager Merete Vadla Madland. Today’s recovery rates are currently at the level of 46 % on the Norwegian Shelf. Only 1 % increase in the recovery rate is equivalent to 300 billion NOK in increased revenues for the Norwegian society.
IFE establishes a new company, Restrack AS
November 1st 2013 the company Restrack AS was established, a spin-out from IFE. The company will provide tracer services to the petroleum industry, a technology essential to enhanced oil recovery (EOR).
Multiphase technology - the best Norwegian invention since 1980
Multiphase technology was elected by Aftenposten's specialist committee as the best Norwegian invention since 1980. The computer programme OLGA is the basis for multiphase technology and is developed at IFE.
CPPF - a new research centre focusing on enhanced operation and safety in the oil industry
IFE is one of six research partners in the new collaborative environment CPPF. The vision is to improve the lifetime and value contribution of petroleum facilities while assuring safety for people, environment and assets.
New book: Physical principles of sedimentary basin analysis
What kind of physical changes happens in the geological layers at the base of the ocean? Mathematical modelling of sedimentary basins gives answers to such questions. The author of the book "Physical principles of sedimentary basin analysis" is Principal Scientist Magnus Wangen at IFE.
Honourable prize to Tor Bjørnstad, Department Head of Reservoir and Exploration Technology
Society of Petroleum Engineers has awarded the prize ”Regional Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award” for 2009 to Tor Bjørnstad (IFE) for his work in research and technology development for the petroleum industry.

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IFE seeks PhD Candidate within silane decomposition reactor technology
The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is an independent international research foundation based in Kjeller near Oslo. IFE is at the forefront of several research fields within energy research, environmental and nuclear technology, and develops new technological solutions for industry and the public sector in more than 30 countries. IFE has about 600 employees and an annual turnover of about NOK 850 Million.