Evaluating situation awareness in the control room. The development and initial assessment of the process awareness and situation understanding (PASU) measure
Stress corrosion cracking testing of 13Cr stainless steel in dense phase CO2 with oxygen
Corrosion of carbon steel in dense phase CO2 with water above and below the solubility
Investigation of caprock integrity due to pressure build-up during high-volume injection into the Utsira formation
Inter-laboratory exercise with an aim to compare methods for 90Sr and 239,240Pu determination in environmental soil samples
Elastic constants and mechanical properties of PEDOT from first principles calculations
Development of cost effective and high performance composite for CO2 capture in Ca-Cu looping process
Effect of foundation modelling on the fatigue lifetime of a monopile-based offshore wind turbine
Dyke emplacement and crustal structure within a continental large igneous province, northern Barents Sea
On the mechanisms of stress-triggered seismic events during fluid injection
Measurements of ageing and thermal conductivity in a secondary NMC-hard carbon Li-ion battery and the impact on internal temperature profiles
Impurity control in high performance multicrystalline silicon
Effect of temperature, bicarbonate, and MEG concentrations on CO2 corrosion of carbon steels
Development of a non-sulphite oxygen scavenger for monoethylene glycol (MEG) used as gas hydrate inhibitor
Electrical modeling of the buffer layer for A Cu2O/ZnO solar cell using SILVACO atlas
Regeneration of LiAlH4 at sub-ambient temperatures studied by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy
Recent insights into boron-oxygen related degradation: Evidence of a single defect
A computerized method (UPPREC) for quantitative analysis of irradiated nuclear fuel assemblies with gamma emission tomography at the Halden reactor
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Low-order dynamical system model of a fully developed turbulent channel flow