Success stories from research-driven innovation
The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske, opened IFE’s Innovation Day, March 22nd. About one hundred participants from private business, private equity companies, the research community and public administration took part in the event.
Halden technology to be adapted and implemented in new research reactor
IFE is delivering a complete experimental system for the new research reactor, Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) currently under construction in Cadarache, France. This is the first complete system delivery performed by IFE’s sector for Nuclear Safety and Reliability (NUSP).
American nuclear control room operators in Halden
- We believe your research will pay huge benefits for the next generations of nuclear operators, and we'd like to encourage all of you to continue to pursue excellence in control room design, states the feedback from the American crew.
The fuel cell car is here
These days, the first “real” hydrogen cars are rolling out on Norwegian roads. IFE is among the few, lucky ones with access to one of these rare models.
Promising results for aluminium production with CO2 capture
- We have proved that the concept is technically viable, and believe that it is possible also at large scale, says Project Manager Johann Mastin from IFE’s Environmental Technology Department.
IFE hosted Nordic seminar on materials for Gen IV nuclear power
Close to 70 attendants from 12 countries took part in the NOMAGE4 seminar in Halden, from October 30 to November 1st. NOMAGE4 is a Nordic forum for material research related to the next generation, Gen IV, nuclear reactors, established in 2009.
Three IFE physicists on prestigious team
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has picked the sharpest minds to form an elite team in complex physics. Three of its members are from the Institute for Energy Technology, IFE.
Gunnar Randers' Research Prize 2011
The prize ceremony will be at IFE Kjeller May 5. Professor Mogens H. Jensen from Denmark is awarded the prize for his groundbreaking basic research on complex matter systems.