New license for the JEEP II reactor at Kjeller
IFE receives a renewed license to operate the JEEP II research reactor and other nuclear facilities at Kjeller and the fuel instrumentation workshop in Halden.
IFE Invest sells its shares in Restrack AS to Resman AS. IFE's efforts to transfer research and technology into robust companies succeeds again.
IFE is pleased to announce that the IFE spin-off company Restrack AS has been sold to Resman AS. Restrack AS was established by IFE in 2013 based on IFE's tracer technology and IFE has successfully participated in the development of Restrack AS since. IFE has been the pioneer and the world leader in research and development on tracer technology for the oil and gas industry since the mid 1980’s.
IFE and Exitech delivers Training Evaluation and Monitoring System to nuclear power plant
IFE Digital Systems recently installed the first version of its new Training Evaluation and Monitoring System (TEAMS) at the training centre of Indiana Michigan Power Company’s Donald C Cook nuclear plant. During this project, TEAMS has been developed from a research tool used by IFE in laboratory experiments in HAMMLAB, to a commercial product applicable to simulator-based training centres in nuclear, petroleum and other process industries.
Digitalization used in decommissioning
The first week of December, The Institute of Energy Technology gathered some of the world's leading researchers and project leaders in decommissioning at Lillehammer. Up to 90,000 will work directly or indirectly with decommissioning over the next decade. Their experiences must be shared with others, and the professional communities have to come to terms with each other on best practices.
New IFE project in Chernobyl under the Norwegian action plan for nuclear safety and security
Sector Digital Systems has got a new project for extending the Chernobyl Decommissioning Visualisation Centre (CDVC). The project is part of the Norwegian government’s assistance for increasing the safety at nuclear sites in Russia and Ukraine according to Action Plan for Nuclear Safety and Security (Atomhandlingsplanen).
From wood chips and silicon to high power
A new energy storage technology is underway as a result of close collaboration between the Institute for Energy Technology in Kjeller (IFE) and the Stavanger-based technology start-up company Beyonder. The new technology will be capable of delivering high power battery tailored to smooth out electrical power fluctuations produced by wind turbines.
IAEA Workshop, hosted by IFE Halden, on the Role of IT in Knowledge Management for Decommissioning
November 5-9, IFE Halden hosted an IAEA Workshop on the Role of IT in Knowledge Management for Decommissioning. 25 delegates from 20 countries were selected by the national missions of the IAEA to attend the workshop. The workshop was the second within a foreseen series of regular events organized within IFE’s framework agreement(s) with the IAEA and the first with such high number of participants and comprehensive programme.
The Belgium Nuclear Research Center (SCK-CEN) and the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) sign a Framework Cooperation Agreement
During the 62nd General Conference of the IAEA, on Tuesday 18 September, Eric van Walle, SCK-CEN Director-General, and Nils Morten Huseby, CEO of IFE, signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement. This agreement is the result of IFEs decision to permanently shut down the Halden reactor earlier this year.
IAEA has established a new initiative for digital technologies in decommissioning with IFE in Halden
The International Atomic Energy Agency and Institute for Energy Technology, (IFE) agrees on the establishment of a new initiative for digital technologies in decommissioning and nuclear knowledge management. This will give IFE access to the top scientists with unique competence on decommissioning in the further process, and give IAEA a spot to do capacity building, develop educational programs and training courses to secure best practice.
Founding Partners Sign Charter Establishing Neutron Source Consortium LENS
12 September 2018: Vienna, Austria — Representatives of eight European research infrastructures signed the Charter of the League of advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS) today at the International Conference of Research Infrastructures, ICRI2018.
Soon you will be able to safely charge your mobile phone during the night
Will reduce fire hazard to a fraction of the risk entailed with lithium-ion batteries (LiBs). The researchers are hoping that within a few years, this breakthrough will enable the development of completely safe electric aircraft, driverless vehicles and autonomous ships.
New project – POREX: Aims to develop new and groundbreaking technology for oil recovery
The aim of the POREX project is to take the laboratory down into the well, and to conduct tracer tests and analyses ‘in situ’, in the oil field.
GCE NODE and IFE sign collaboration agreement
Technology cluster GCE NODE and Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) have signed an agreement to strengthen collaboration on research and innovation.
IFE's battery researchers have cracked a code that can revolutionize battery range and lifespan
Battery researchers at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) have solved a challenge which enables far better batteries.
IFE decides to close the Halden Reactor, but continues nuclear research activities
IFE's Board of Directors has decided to permanently close the Halden Reactor and to start decommissioning the reactor. IFE will continue its nuclear research activities, with focus on activities that do not depend on the reactor being operational. The closure of the reactor will not affect IFE's other operations.
IFE at the 4th international conference and workshop on increased oil recovery IOR Norway 2018 in Stavanger
An international conference organised by the National IOR Centre of Norway gathered people from oil companies, oil service, research institutes, universities and government for the fourth time to present and discuss research on increased oil recovery.
Statoil awards framework agreement for Integrated Operations, digital transformation consultancy
Statoil has awarded a framework agreement for business consulting services within Integrated Operations and digital transformation to the consortium: StepChange, Epsis and IFE Digital Systems, who is the research partner. We at IFE Digital Systems are happy to support Statoil’s digitalisation journey along with StepChange and Epsis.
Strategic review of future operation of the Halden reactor
IFE would like to provide an update on the strategic review of the future operation of the Halden reactor, as well as the functional problems with the first isolation valve.
IFE participated on China-Norway Science Day
The China-Norway Science Day was arranged in Beijing on April 17th, 2018. 221 delegates from Norwegian universities and research institutions participated in this big event. The goal is to strengthen the Chinese-Norwegian research collaboration.
Independent Safety Culture Assessment at IFE
At IFE, safety is priority number one. We are continuously working to strengthen and improve our safety culture. As part of this effort, IFE has invited the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to perform an Independent Safety Culture Assessment (ISCA) and provide recommendations for further development.