Petroleum Technology

IFE's goal for petroleum activities is to contribute to the profitable, safe and environment-friendly utilisation of Norway's petroleum resources. The main markets are oil companies, systems and consultancy companies, the supply industry and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Foss, Martin

Research Director


The Institute gives priority to major industry-driven projects in exploratory technology, production technology and development and operating technology. Activities are strongly market- and technologydriven.

Employees: 85 and turnover: 160 MNOK

IFE focuses on developing:

  • Cost-efficient exploration and production technology.
  • Trace element technology to map internal conditions in reservoirs.
  • Geostatistic methods for analysing reservoir data.
  • New computer tools to improve the design and operation of facilities for producing, transporting and refining oil and gas.
  • An international centre of expertise on corrosion in oil and gas pipelines.
  • Solutions for corrosion problems related to CO2 injection (storage) in oil and gas reservoirs