Safety Man- Technology- Organisation

The basic objective of Safety MTO are to provide knowledge about how and why accidents occur, with the aim to prevent accidents to happen. Employ an experimentally focused MTO programme to establish empirical knowledge about human potentials and limitations as operators in a control room environment;

Nordlander, Tomas

Research Director


Employees: 80 and turnover: 100 MNOK

The main goals of IFE's MTO safety research are to:

  • Develop information and support systems for the energy and process industry for use by decision makers, operators and maintenance personnel; and
  • Develop methods and technology for improving the reliability of safety-related computer systems, with particular emphasis on software.

Through research and experimentation, machines are adapted to prevent human error in the operation of complex processing facilities.


  • focuses on the role of the operator in complex processing facilities, i.e. on the interaction between process, degree of automation and the operator.
  • develops process control and surveillance systems, operator interface and real-time computer communication.
  • develops operator support systems, alarm systems and procedures.
  • encourages interdisciplinary involvement in industrial psychology, computer technology, process and instrumentation technology, as well as control room work.
  • is involved in Virtual Reality technology for designing and evaluating control rooms, training simulators and maintenance planning system.