Oil and Gas

Process Monitoring

IFE performs "trouble shooting" and condition monitoring of processing plants. Most jobs are performed for the oil industry, but the monitoring methods are also applied within other industry.

Stavsetra, Liv

Specialist Group Manager


IFE exploits their special competence within nuclear technology and tracer technology for prosess monitoring. Methods used are:

  • Online detection of tracers
  • Sampling and analyses of tracers
  • Gamma transmission measurements
  • Neutron backscatter measurements

IFE delivers both tailor-made and innovative solutions. The methods may be used for:

  • Measurement of liquid carry-over
  • RTD (Residence Time Distribution) analyses
  • Speed measurements
  • Rate measurements
  • Dilution measurements
  • Leak tests
  • Level measurements

IFE has long experience within tracer technology, both regarding radioactive and non-radioactive tracers. A "hot cell" was adjusted for production of radioactive tracers for process monitoring in 2004 and is dedicated for this purpose. This enables us to design tracers especially adjusted to each single job.

IFE cooperates with the company Mator within process monitoring in the oil industry. Mator is a supplier of innovative consultant services within gas/oil/water separation technology. Their knowledge within separation technology is a valuable contribution to increase the quality of these services.

IFE/Mator were in 2005 qualified by Statoil, after comprehensive testing, as a supplier of liquid carry-over measurements from scrubbers and separators.