Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas transportation from pipelines offshore to onshore can be challenging. The pipelines can rust, and the development of the "black gold" is not environmentally friendly enough.

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A major challenge in the offshore industry is to prevent the oil and gas pipelines from becoming damaged when they come in contact with water with dissolved/dispersed  CO2. Significant additional expenses can be the result if the pipelines made of carbon steel corrodes on the inside. IFE researchers are working to find the best solutions to restrain corrosion.

The transportation of oil and gas in pipelines over long distances offers challenges. With the pipeline simulator OLGA, IFE has made it possible to calculate flow conditions and dimention pipelines for transportation from the well to the platform offshore and further onshore. The OLGA technology covers 90 percent of the world market.

IFE researchers are developing methods to enhance oil extracting by making it easier to understand the flow patterns in reservoirs. They add tracers in oil wells that measure the water flow and follow the oil movements. It’s the same technology which makes it possible to reduce the amount of chemicals in the pipelines and with that reduce emission.

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