Material Technology


Internal corrosion in oil and gas pipelines with CO2 and H2S is the main focal point for the corrosion research at IFE.

Kvarekvål, Jon

Specialist Group Manager

Nyborg, Rolf

Department Head

Seiersten, Marion

Deputy Head of Department / Chief Scientist


Korrosjonsloop med instrumentThe Institute has over several years had a close co-operation with international oil companies in this field.  A combination of fundamental research, broad joint industry projects and field-specific studies has made IFE an internationally renowned centre for research on internal corrosion for the oil industry.  More than 80 % of the work is funded by oil companies, chemical and steel suppliers and more than half of the work is done for foreign companies.

IFE has extensive corrosion laboratories adjusted for experiments for the oil industry.  The Institute can offer a wide range of corrosion studies in different flow loops, autoclaves and glass cells under aggressive conditions.  IFE is one of few laboratories worldwide that can offer corrosion tests at high temperature and high content of H2S.

Rolf Nyborg (2005): Controlling internal corrosion in oil and gas pipelines