Nuclear Technology and Health

Nuclear Technology and Health

1 - 2 percent of the population in Norway are examined every year with radiopharmaceutical methods. Radioactive drugs are used in these examinations to see into the body and detect e.g. cancer. IFE has been working with radioactive material since the 1950s, and has unique expertise in this area.

Research cases: Isotopes for medicine - Protection of people and the environment - The research reactor at Kjeller

Knowledge in this area has made IFE a national supervisory body for nuclear medicine. IFE is also responsible for the distribution of such drugs to hospitals in the country. Many of these drugs have short half-life period, so the efficiency of the distribution is extremely important.

Since IFE is doing business with radiation, it is important to ensure the safety of the employees and the local environment. For this reason IFE has two units working with radiation protection, one in Halden and one at Kjeller. The units have the responsibility to monitor and verify that IFE do business in a safe manner.

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