Nuclear Power and Nuclear Safety

Radioactive Waste

IFE operates the only radioactive waste treatment plant in Norway. All low and intermediate level radioactive waste received from IFE's own installations and from industry, defence, health institutions and research establishments is handled and stored.

Larsen, Knut Bjørnar

Department Head


Radioaktivt avfallThe technical processing methods at the plant involve reduction in the waste volume so that storage needs will be reduced as much as possible. The waste is subsequently contained in a manner suitable for long-term storage in a solid form. The multi-barrier containment shall prevent the release of radioactive materials into the environment.

The plant provides waste containers and general service for the sorting, collection, categorisation, on-site storage and transportation of radioactive waste and obsolete radiation sources.

IFE is in addition the operator of the national, combined storage/disposal facility for radioactive waste in Himdalen in the Aurskog-Høland municipality.