Man, Technology and Organisation

Human Performance

The work emphasises empirical research, with special focus on experiments in HAMMLAB aiming to provide empirical human performance data for normal, abnormal, and accident situations.
Human Performance

Bye, Andreas

Department Head


Photo: Mick Tulley, Image Communication.

By utilising IFEs expertise in human performance measurement techniques, results can contribute to reduce the uncertainty in HRA (Human Reliability Assessment) and, consequently, PRA (Probabilistic Risc Assessment). We do investigate the context concept, task complexity factors, mental fatigue as a performance shaping factor, with an aim to provide data for the estimation of probabilities of human failure events for post accident operation.

Furthermore, we investigate work practises in computer based control rooms and team co-operation in new operational settings. Finally, we also study the influence of some organisational factors on human performance, key issues are safety culture, organisational learning and knowledge management.