Man, Technology and Organisation

Human System Interfaces and Control Centres

The area addresses issues of importance both to current control rooms and future advanced control centres.
Human System Interfaces and Control Centres

Bye, Andreas

Department Head

Kvalem, Jon

Halden Project Manager


Experiments in the Halden MTO-lab.
(Photo: Mick Tulley, Image Communication.)

IFE aims to develop and evaluate Human System Interfaces that deliver relevant data and information in comprehensible and understandable formats and present the data and information in a manner that does not cause mental overload or confusion.

An overall goal is to work towards a unified HSI design concept including advanced HSIs. It is established a simulator-based test-bed in the Halden MTO-lab, building on and complementing the simulation capabilities already present in the laboratory. The purpose is to investigate design characteristics for new advanced reactor control rooms/centres.

Such new human-system interface technologies provide opportunities for improving operator and plant performance. However, these technologies may also introduce new challenges that need to be focused on from a Human Factors in systems design perspective.