Man, Technology and Organisation

Emergency Preparedness

Through the media we constantly learn that the impossible has happened, that barriers to damage have failed, or that exercises have revealed major weaknesses. Is it that man (M), technology (T) or organization (O) fail? Or is it about inadequate MTO interaction? With this backdrop, IFE Halden host the Institute's strategic programme IO EPO (Integrated Operations in Emergency Preparedness Organization) in the period 2010-2014. IFE scientists will here put together broad expertise and specialized knowledge in a new way, develop new interdisciplinary knowledge, and then analyse, demonstrate and validate alternative solutions for tomorrow's EPO.

Falmyr, Odd Zeiner

Senior Scientist

Kvalem, Jon

Halden Project Manager


The challenge is to establish robust emergency preparedness organizations, or so-called virtual organizations. These must have relevant resources, information carriers and competencies available to decision makers and action leaders in a given situation at the right time, regardless of the organizational and geographical boundaries. The programme challenges established proactive and reactive issues in crisis management.

IFE's unique position in applied research, experimental studies, Methodology and expertise within the MTO will be central to the work.Integrated Operations/ interaction, Work processes and organizational development and Safety / risk management, forms, in particular the scientific foundation for the work. There will also be a significant synergy from current cooperation projects in various research and industrial environments.

The programme has elected to focus on emergency preparedness scenarios in the oil & gas industry in the High North because the challenges are considerable. This does not exclude other industries or other geographical areas, since the knowledge gained will be transferable.