Man, Technology and Organisation

Air Traffic Management

The interaction between man, technology and organization (MTO) has similarities whether one controls air traffic, nuclear power plants or oil platforms. Through more than 50 years of operation, IFE has established a unique interdisciplinary MTO expertise from a variety of industries including nuclear, aviation, petroleum and railways. Within all these sectors major modernization programs are in the works, where the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is the most important in air traffic management (ATM).

Bye, Andreas

Department Head

Farbrot, Jan Erik

Principal Scientist

Raspotnig, Christian

Specialist Group Manager


The interest of IFE's competence in the work of safety-relevant applications is growing rapidly in the ATM industry. Most new technology is based on programmable systems and IFE has high expertise in safety relevant systems, both within programmable systems and the different life cycle stages of safety relevant systems. In addition, IFE's expertise in industrial psychology and human factors is useful within aviation, and the industry shows a growing interest in IFE's expertise in designing user interfaces and control centres.

Within ATM, IFE has collaborated with companies like Eurocontrol, Avinor and Park Air Systems in a variety of projects, and participates actively in various forums, ATM Forum being one of them. The transfer of results from IFE's MTO research in process control to ATM and other transport areas has worked very well.

Examples of areas within ATM where IFE has experience include:

  • Safety of programmable systems
    • Standards and guidelines for the development of systems (ED-153, EC No. 482/2008, ED-109, DO-178B, IEC 61508, ESARR6)
    • Requirements specification and -handling
    • Processes and life cycle
  • Safety analysis and safety management systems
    • Safety Case and Safety Reference Material (SRM)
    • ESARR4, Safety Assessment Methodology (SAM) and Safety Assessment Made Easier (SAME)
    • Safety analysis and monitoring (integration with event reporting system)
    • Integrated Risk Picture (IRP) and the Safety Target Achievement Roadmap (STAR)
  • Control room development
    • Design of control rooms, control centers, user interfaces, large screen solutions and alarm systems
  • Human Factors, ergonomics, and industrial and organizational psychology
    • Validation and testing of control room and user interface design
    • Organizational and individual aspects of change and restructuring processes
    • Criteria for safe staffing in air traffic control