Man, Technology and Organisation

Man, Technology and Organisation

Being aware of human capabilities and limitations is vital for the safety in control rooms. IFE researchers are studying factors that influence human reliability and ability to cope with unexpected events.

Research cases: Making the invisible visible - The oil industry works smarter - Control room design

The research is based on that security can be improved by studying the operators, technology and organization, as an interactive system.

To get the most accurate result it is important that all aspects are considered as a whole. These aspects include the technology, the organization and the operators.  IFE technology in this field is increasingly used by the oil industry to enhance the security of remote offshore platforms from the mainland. One of the main goals is to generate knowledge about how and why accidents occure, so the necessary precautions can be made.

Visualization technology is used in areas such as maintenance, training, education, and decommissioning of plants. The huge advantage of IFE training systems compared to other methods is that the person is taught interactively by using a virtual model and get feedback continually. It is in other words different from a movie where you do not have influence.

The sector Digital Systems is dedicated to this research area.

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