Material Technology


Nanotechnology deals with how to control and manage atoms, that is dealing with the world on nanoscale level. One nanometer is one thousand millionth meter. There is about ten atoms in one nanometer. The atom microscope was constructed just few years ago and made it possible "to see" atoms. Seeing means in this case measuring their magnetic and electromagnetical forces. The objective now is to control atoms, literally move them around and put them together in new constellations. This brings out new possibilities for the material research field.

Helgesen, Geir

Deputy Head of Department

Knudsen, Kenneth Dahl

Senior Scientist I


IFE's Physics department is dealing with nanoscience more than nanotechnology, that is we are doing basic research. Nanotechnology is a term more suitable for industrial purposes, though the difference is not always very clear.

We focuses on complex materials, including nano cones. Nano cones are less well-known than nano tubes. Nano tubes was discovered by accident in 1991.  Carbon materials was exposed by a certain pressure and temperature and by this the carbon tubes emerged. These carbon tubes are light and very strong.  A lot of research has been done to found out why and how these tubes emerges. In 1998 carbon nanocones was discovered and carbon nanocones are an important research field at IFE.  See Complex - Nanocarbon. Still few institutes worldwide are involved in research on carbon nanocones.