Material Technology

Material Technology

New materials give possibilities to progress and new technology.

Cases: Small units - great opportunities - Hydrogen, the energy carrier of the future - Mysterious materials

Without material technology research we wouldn’t  have television with continuous improvement of picture quality using LCD and plasma screens, or smaller and more advanced mobile phones.

The key to solving the global energy and climate challenges is to develop materials with new qualities. The world needs stronger, cheaper and more efficient materials. We need solar cells that are less expensive and provide more power, and cars that can run just as far and fast as gasoline cars on pure hydrogen. IFE has a strong and international research community working with many of the most important issues in materials technology.

Good research tools are critical to study the processes of nature and then build these properties into new materials. The JEEP II reactor at Kjeller is the only scientific neutron source in the Nordic countries, and allows you to study the materials down to the smallest parts of the molecular and atomic level.

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