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Wind Energy

There is a high and increasing international effort within offshore wind energy. 1662 offshore wind turbines were installed in Europa by the end of 2012. In 2020 the number could be eight times higher. By 2030 offshore wind energy could supply 14% of EU’s electricity.

Stenbro, Roy

Specialist Group Manager - Wind Energy


Long experience
IFE has been doing wind energy research for more than 30 years. In the recent years we have focused on offshore wind turbines and are one of the founders of the large Norwegian offshore wind energy research project NOWITECH. Reducing the costs of energy is vital for offshore wind and lies at the core of IFE’s wind energy research.

Wind turbine simulation software
The perhaps most important technical tool for industry and R&D organizations is wind turbine simulation software. We develop the 3DFloat software. It is state of the art software for integrated simulations of wind turbines on land, offshore bottom fixed or floating. This includes:

  • The environment of sea and air
  • The forces generated by the sea and air on the turbine
  • The structural loads and the motion of the turbine, including rotor, tower, sub-structure and mooring lines.
  • Turbine control system

Cost-effective concepts
The offshore wind industry is still young and it is not known what the best designs are. IFE therefore focuses on developing and evaluating promising cost-effective concepts. We for example have experience with monopile, jacket, tension leg buoy (TLB), semi-submersible and spare buoy designs. Examples of tasks are optimized design of rotor, tower, sub-structure and mooring, and analysis of dimensioning loads and fault conditions.

Figur av 4 design


Rotor design
The wind turbine rotor is a very important component of a wind turbine and we have a long history of aerodynamic research. We work on rotor design and analysis and on wake simulations.

Simulert rotor

Supercomputer CFD simulation of a 5 MW rotor.

IFE has a strong history within experimental R&D.  We are part owner of the wind turbine test station We are part of the NOWERI project that will deploy a 200 kW floating experimental wind turbine in 2014-2015. We have experience with model tests of offshore wind turbines.

Teststasjon for vindmøller (VIVA AS)

Wind turbine test station VIVA AS