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Hydrogen Systems

Integrated renewable energy systems based on fuel cells and hydrogen technology
Hydrogen Systems

Ulleberg, Øystein

Principal Scientist


IFE’s Department of Energy Systems has since 1995 performed applied research on hydrogen and fuel cell systems.  The focus of the research here has always been (and still is) on the development of new environmental friendly solutions based on renewable energy, primarily system based on solar PV and/or wind power.

The fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) technology focus at IFE is on low temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, alkaline and PEM water electrolysis, and metal hydrides for hydrogen storage and compression.  Lately, there has also been a strong focus on hybridization with Li-ion batteries.  There are also hydrogen system activities at IFE related to high temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and hydrogen production via reforming.

The FCH system activities at IFE are today focusing on hydrogen for zero emission transport, including hydrogen production from water electrolysis and hybrid battery/fuel cell power systems for heavy duty transport applications.  More info about our current FCH system activities:

  • Research Center on Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems MoZEES (
  • IFE Hynor Hydrogen Technology Test Center (link to IFE Hynor coming soon)


See video about the Akershus region's ambitions for zero emission hydrogen cars "Ready for hydrogen". IFE participates with R&D in several projects in this connection.