Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

Sun, wind and hydrogen will provide the world with renewable energy in the future. The energy is already there, but is not being utilized well enough. IFE is working to change that.

Research cases: Cells in the sunWind power from the seaCapturing CO2

The solar industry is growing rapidly, and IFE plays an important role in the development of new and better technology. A major goal for the solar energy department is to develop methods to reduce the costs for solar technology.

The Norwegian coastline has huge wind resources due to good wind conditions. The wind researchers are working with offshore wind, to provide a technology that uses wind resources effectively. They are especially interested in the design of turbines.

CO2 management is essential to avoid serious climate change as a result of the planets rising CO2 emissions. IFE’s vision is to establish a new industry based on Norwegian natural resources where CO2 is part of a value chain without emissions.

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