Capturing CO2

CO2 is a natural gas included as a part of nature. With the worlds use of energy sources such as coal, oil and gas, large amounts of co2 gets released and affects the climate on earth. We call this "global warming".
To reduce CO2  - emissions is one of the major challenges we face today.

IFE’s goal is to develop technology that can remove or bind the CO2- emissions so they don`t contribute to global warming. The technology must be affordable and easy to use, and accessible for export to other countries.

IFE has a interdisciplinary approach to transportation and storage of CO2, and the work is coordinated by IFE CO2 - center. IFE is also looking at the possibilities for use and storage of CO2 in industrial processes, development of new substances to capture CO2, and analysis of the entire value chain of energy- CO2 capture and storage.

IFE has also been a part of the development of a concept for gas that is completely free of unwanted CO2 emissions. The technology is called ZEG - Zero Emission Gas Power, and is still being tested. The results so far show great potential for efficient production of energy at a competitive price.