Energy and Environment

Thermoluminescence Dosimetry (TLD) Laboratory

The Thermoluminescence Dosimetry (TLD) Laboratory offers personal and extremity dosimetry to IFE's employees and external customers.

Ramsøy, Tore

Technical Group Manager


Individual monitoring of external radiation exposure, HP(d), of occupational exposed personnel is performed by means of RADOS personal dosimeter and RE 2000 TLD Reader system.

Doses from strongly penetrating radiation, HP(10), are determined by use of LiF:Mg,Ti (MTS-7) and Li2B4O7: Mn, Si crystals. Doses from weakly penetrating radiation, HP(0.07), are measured by carbon loaded LiF crystals.

In extremity dosimetry, a MTS-7 crystal is mounted on a size adjustable plastic ring.

About 650 personal dosimeters and 170 finger dosimeters used by IFE's employees and customers are evaluated each month.

For environmental dosimetry, a pair of high sensitive LiF:Mg,Cu,P (MCP-N) crystals is mounted in an RADOS dosimeter holder with extra build-up cap.

Calibration of personal and environmental dosimeters is performed regularly.

The RADOS personal dosimeter and finger dosimeter: