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IFE Hynor Hydrogen Technology Center

IFE Hynor Hydrogen Technology Center (IFE Hynor) is a fuel cell and hydrogen technology test center owned and operated by IFE.
IFE Hynor Hydrogen Technology Center

Pinheiro, Jean Patrick

Senior Engineer

Ulleberg, Øystein

Principal Scientist


The test center includes a small-scale hydrogen refueling station (HRS) capable of high-pressure (700 bar) and fast refueling (3 minutes) of PEM-based (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).  The IFE Hynor test facility also includes the possibility to supply various qualities of biogas and hydrogen (on-site production or bottled gas) and advanced gas analysis equipment.

The main hardware in the existing research infrastructure at IFE Hynor is found in a process room for testing and development of high temperature hydrogen production and solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC), including a Dual Bubbling Fluidized Bed reactor prototype (DBFB) for continuous hydrogen production by sorption-enhanced reforming (SER) of methane with an integrated process for CO2-capture.
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The Norwegian Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Centre
A new national fuel cell and hydrogen research infrastructure, The Norwegian Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Centre (N-FCH System Laboratory), is now also being established at IFE Hynor.  A flexible electrolyzer system testing platform, including a prototype (2 Nm3/h) high-pressure (350 bar) PEM water electrolyzer will be installed in the existing HRS hydrogen production module (15 foot container).  The new N-FCH system laboratories at IFE Hynor will also include a fuel cell system laboratory for testing of prototype hybrid Li-ion battery / PEM fuel cell systems (60 kW battery + 20 kW fuel cell) for heavy-duty transport applications.

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