Material Technology

Battery Materials Laboratory

The IFE Battery Material Laboratory was established in 2010 and has facilities for manufacturing and testing battery materials and electrodes
Battery Materials Laboratory

Mæhlen, Jan Petter

Senior Scientist


Figure 1: From the lab; Dr. Martin Kirkengen (back, left), Dr. Preben J.S. Vie (back, right), Dr. Jan Petter Mæhlen (front, left), Dr. Weikang Hu (front, right) (not present in the photo: Prof. Volodymyr A. Yartys and Dr. Rahul Fotedar).

Since 2010, IFE has established infrastructure and facilities for R&D on rechargeable batteries and battery materials. The Battery Materials Laboratory houses a collection of equipment for synthesis and development of materials, electrode assembly and cell characterization. IFE’s R&D focus is on new electrode materials for next generation batteries with a higher energy density, lower cost and environmental friendliness.