Nuclear Power and Nuclear Safety

Director General, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) featured a keynote speech at the Enlarged Halden Programme Group (EHPG) meeting in Norway

The 39th meeting of the EHPG gathered 250 delegates from 22 countries

8th - 13th May was the meeting arranged in Norway and a keynote speech was held by the NEA Director‑General Mr William D. Magwood, IV, entitled "Looking Forward: Nuclear Science Addressing the Challenges of the Future."

The plenary session also addressed such other topics as innovation in the nuclear field, the progress of nuclear new build in Finland, and the challenges associated with nuclear R&D and its funding. The subsequent technical sessions on fuels and materials (F&M) and Man-Technology-Organisation (MTO).

See press release on OECD NEA website: Nuclear safety research at the Halden reactor (2016).

List of keynote speakers at the EHPG Meeting 2016

William D. Magwood

Mr. William D. Magwood, NEA Director‑General, at the EHPG Meeting in Norway 8th of May (Photo: Joachim Brattlie)

2016-05-25 Gro Hørthe