Press release: unintended release of radioactive iodine at the Halden Reactor

Monday 24. October at 1.45 PM an unintended release of radioactive iodine occurred in relation to the handling of test fuel in the reactor hall of the Halden Reactor. The release represents no threat for IFE’s employees or the environment.

Valseth, Atle

Sector Director / Deputy President


During the handling of fuel in the reactor hall a technical failure occurred, leading to the release of radioactive iodine I-131 and I-132 to the reactor hall. IFEs personnel immediately left the reactor hall when the release was registered. No employees have received any radioactive doses of significance.

The release in the reactor hall has also led to an emission of radioactive Iodine to the environment. The reactor’s protection systems functioned as designed, which reduced the emissions considerably. The emissions to the environment constitute about 5-8 per cent of the annual emission permits for these isotopes, well under the permitted levels established by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority.

The situation is under control and the reactor hall is closed. IFE has established the preparedness organization in accordance with established plans.

The emission has been reported to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority according to the radiation protection regulations. The local municipality of Halden and the local police have also been informed.

The Halden Reactor was at the time of the incident closed for maintenance according to normal operation procedures.