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Big cheers for two new Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research

It was a day of joy and triumph at IFE when the decision about the new FME centres was announced. Both applications with IFE as host institution were granted. IFE will be leading one Research Centre for Sustainable Solar Cell Technology, and one Centre for zero emission transportation; Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems. Additionally, IFE is partner in one centre, Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy, hosted by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Holt, Arve

Research Director

Marstein, Erik Stensrud

Deputy Head of Department

Ulleberg, Øystein

Principal Scientist


A total of eight new Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME centres) will be established in this research program. The new centres are granted an annual allocation of NOK 15-25 million for up to eight years. In total about NOK 160 million (17.1 million Euros) will be granted to the FME-centres.

– This is huge for us, and we see it as recognition of the expertise we hold, says CEO. Nils Morten Huseby.

The FME centres span the areas of hydropower, smart grids, energy efficiency in trade and industry, environment-friendly transport, CO2 management (CCS), solar cells, biofuels and zero-emission urban zones.

The centres were selected on the basis of scientific merit, potential for innovation and value creation, and the extent to which they fulfil government targets relating to energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

IFE will be leading these two centres:

Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems

This FME centre will focus its activities on energy for the transport sector, developing technology for the use of hydrogen and batteries in both land and sea transport. At the same time the centre will work with instruments and business models for zero-emission transport.

See more info about MoZEES in this flyer (pdf).

7 research partners, 38 user partners

Research Centre for Sustainable Solar Cell Technology

The centre’s objective is to contribute to growth and development of the Norwegian solar cell industry. Production of silicon-based solar cells will be at the core of the centre’s activities. The centre will be developing the world’s most environment-friendly processes for solar-grade silicon production, while at the same time working towards cost-effective growth in utilising solar cells in Norway.

6 research partners, 15 user partners

Fra venstre: sol-senterleder Erik S. Marstein, forskningsdirektør Arve Holt, adm. dir. Nils Morten Huseby og senterleder for nullutslippstransport Øystein Ulleberg. Big smiles and cheers for renewable energy enthusiasts! From left: Solar FME Centre Manager Erik Marstein, Research Director Arve Holt, CEO Nils Morten Huseby and FME Centre Manager for MoZEES Øystein Ulleberg. Erik Marstein has been managing the previous FME centre for Solar Cell Technology for an 8-year term, and is now extremely happy to have been granted a new period.

Fra venstre adm. dir. Nils Morten Huseby (IFE), leder i Akershus Frp Liv Gustavsen, leder av Stortingets Energi- og miljøkomité Ola Elvestuen (V), storingsrepresentant Rigmor Eide (Krf), statssekretær Tom Cato Karlsen (Frp) og storingsrepresentant og leder for Transport- og kommunikasjonskomiteen Nikolai Astrup (H). Celebration with cake in IFE’s Solar Cell Laboratory. From left: CEO Nils Morten Huseby (IFE), leader in Akershus County Frp, Liv Gustavsen, leader of the Norwegian Parliament’s (Stortingets) Committee on Energy- and Environment Ola Elvestuen (V), Parliament Representative Rigmor Eide (Krf), State Secretary  Tom Cato Karlsen (Frp) and Parliament Representative and leader of the Committee onTransport- and Communication Nikolai Astrup (H).


Read more about the Norwegian FME centres here.

2016-06-15 Text: Mona Lunde Ramstad. Photo: Viktor A. Wikstrøm Jr