Nuclear Power and Nuclear Safety

Cost reduction measures at IFE

IFE has experienced a significant market downturn in several of its business areas in the energy sector in the second half of 2016. Experimentally-based R&D for the nuclear power industry continues to be financially challenging in the current market environment of low energy prices. In addition, several other sectors at IFE have been significantly affected by the substantial drop in oil prices with subsequent reduction in activities.

IFE is an independent research foundation and maintains a sound financial position, with substantial assets and no debt. In order to secure a stable financial situation also for the future, IFE’s Board has therefore decided to implement a series of short term cost reduction measures across the whole Institute in order to mitigate the market downturn in the energy sector.

Temporary shutdown of IFE’s research reactors until early 2017
On basis of the above, IFE announced on the 10th of October 2016 that the Institute will temporarily be shutting down the Halden Reactor as well as the JEEP II Reactor located at Kjeller.  A total of 127 employees in Halden and Kjeller have received temporary layoff notices.

The shut-down is implemented as part of the cost saving measures described above. For the Halden Reactor, the length of the scheduled autumn/winter outages will be extended to approximately three months, starting from mid-October 2016. The JEEP II Reactor will be temporary shut down from 1st December.

The shut-down will be carried out under the normal operating procedures. There are no safety concerns about either reactor, both of which remain in sound technical order. The shut-down will not have any significant impact on ongoing projects.

IFE is planning to restart both reactors for continued business early 2017.

The Halden Reactor and the JEEP II Reactor.Image: the Halden Reactor to the left, the JEEP II Reactor at Kjeller to the right.

2016-10-20 Nils Morten Huseby, President IFE