Holt, Arve

Arve Holt

Arve Holt came to IFE in 2000 and has built up the institute’s solar cell processing laboratory and the solar cell characterization laboratory. From 2011 he is research director for IFE's  Energy and Environmental Technology sector, focusing on developing new solutions for renewable energy production (wind and solar), high purity silicon production, energy use and on capture and storage of CO2.

From 2008-2010 Holt was Head of Department Solar Energy, founded 2008. In addition to the administrative work, he was focusing on development of crystalline silicon solar cells in close cooperation with national and international industry R&D partners. Holt has been acting as a project leader for the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Photovoltaics,  for 2 KMB projects and several other large projects.

Arve Holt has a PhD from the University of Oslo, 1991, on the subject "On High Temperature Corrosion of Metals,  i) Sulphate induced corrosion of iron  ii) On the defect structure of Cr2O3”. After that, he has worked six years at the Centre for Material Science, University of Oslo, studying anodic materials and corrosion, among other things. Holt has developed Crystal Designer, a Mac-based software tool for studying crystal structures now used at more than 300 institutions and companies worldwide.

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Selected earlier academic and professional publications

  1. Holt, E. Ahlgren and F.W. Poulsen, "Synthesis, Defect Chemistry and Electrical Properties of Ti-doped NdCrO3", Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Edited by S.C. Singhal and H. Iwahara,  High temperature materials and battery divisions, Proceedings Volume 93-4, page 562 - 571, The Electrochemical Society
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  4. Holt and P. Kofstad,  "Electrical Properties and Defect Structure of Mg-doped Cr2O3", Solid State Ionics 100 (1997) 201
  5. Rune Bredesen, Laurence Beluze, Henrik Ræder, Christian Simon, Keith Redford, and Arve Holt. "Preparation and characterisation of oxygen selective membranes". In the  Proceedings of the 5th Workshop of the European Science Foundation Network on Catalytic Membrane Reactors, October 16-17, 1997, Turnhout, Belgium, p.23-28.
  6. R. Bredesen, H. Raeder, C. Simon, A. Holt, Surface Exchange Kinetics and Bulk Diffusion in SrFe1.5-xCoxOz”.  Proceedings of “Fifth International Conference on Inorganic Membranes”, June 22-26 1998, Nagoya, Japan, The Membrane Society of Japan, ”,  412-415
  7. Holt and P. Kofstad,  " Electrical Conductivity of Cr2O3 doped with TiO2", Solid State Ionics 117 (1999) 151
  8. Arve Holt and Truls Norby, “Some Considerations of Non-Stoichiometric Materials for Use in Oxygen Separation Membranes”, IEA Workshop on "Materials and Mechanisms", January 10-13 1999, Wadahl, Norway, Edited by  Kemal Nisancioglu

Other professional publications

  1. A. Holt, CrystalDesigner, A New Learning Tool in Crystallograpy, Proceeding of the European Crystallographic Meeting- ECM 16, 6-11 August 1995
  2. A.Holt, CrystalDesigner Developer Release 5, Released at the International Union of Crystallography XVII Congress and General Assembly in Seattle, August 10 - 15 1996
  3. A. Holt, CrystalDesigner 6.0, Released February 1997, http://www.crystaldesigner.no/
  4. Arve Holt, CrystalDesigner 7.0, Released January 2000, http://www.crystaldesigner.no/
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