Research Centres where IFE participates

The Research Council of Norway selected in 2009 eight Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEER), and three more centres were included in 2011. IFE participates in 3 of the 11 centres. IFE is also partner in other long-term research programmes focused on energy matters. Two new Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research hosted by IFE, are launched 2017.

Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEER):

  • MoZEES - Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems. (new 2017)
  • Research Centre for Sustainable Solar Cell Technology (new 2017)
  • The Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology.
  • Bio4Fuels. (nytt 2017)
  • SUCCESS - SUbsurface CO2 storage – Critical Elements and Superior Strategy.
  • NOWITECH - Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology.
  • CenSES - Centre for sustainable energy studies.

Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI):

  • FACE (Multiphase Flow Assurance Innovation Centre), closed 2015.
  • IO-CENTER - Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry.


  • The National IOR Centre of Norway (Increased Oil Recovery).
  • Norwegian Centre of Expertise Energy and Emissions Trading Halden.