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The SCORPIO core surveillance system has been delivered to several western type PWRs like Ringhals (Sweden), Sizewell B (UK) and Duke Power Co. (USA). A SCORPIO version for VVER reactors (SCORPIO-VVER) has been delivered to Dukovany NNP in Czech Republic. The SCORPIO system combines measurements and simulation to provide a best estimate of the core status on a continuous basis. In the predictive mode, the system calculates the core behaviour during planned power transients. Core control optimisation is facilitated by means of a strategy generator module.

Porsmyr, Jan

Senior Scientist


The main objective of the SCORPIO-VVER Bohunice project is to develop and install a new reactor core monitoring system at unit 3 and 4 of Bohunice NPP (Bohunice V2) in the Slovak Republic. The aim is to improve operational safety of these two units. The replacement of the monitoring system by a modern one was recommended by the OSART mission at Bohunice in 1996 and IAEA TECDOC 640. The system will comprise functions for on-line core monitoring and predictive analysis with interfaces to plant instrumentation and physics codes. Emphasis is placed on creating a reliable, flexible, adaptable and user-friendly system which is easy to maintain. The design philosophy is object oriented and based on IFE’s toolboxes ProcSee (PICASSO-3), a graphical display system, and Software Bus (communication system). In the development of the new core monitoring system for Bohunice NPP, all experience gained during the development of the SCORPIO core monitoring for western type PWRs as well as the VVER system for Dukovany NPP will be utilized.