Man, Technology and Organisation

IO Center - Integration Across Disciplines


The IO Center was established by NTNU, SINTEF and IFE, in collaboration with major international oil companies and suppliers, and cooperates with Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, Delft and Kyoto universities.

Drøivoldsmo, Asgeir

Principal Adviser

Hoffmann, Mario

Department Head

Kvalem, Jon

Halden Project Manager

Rindahl, Grete

Principal Scientist


Program 4, New Work Processes and Enabling Technology, managed by Jon Kvalem, IFE.

Overall aim of Program 4: Develop methods, tools, solutions and knowledge to improve work processes, decision-making processes and for managing organizational changes across the value chain. Improving HSE by targeting research within areas identified as safety and environmental challenges of IO. Raised competence of current and future IO actors by providing courses, seminars and university programs.

The program consists of  three projects:

4.1 Future Collaboration Environments.
Project manager: Grete Rindahl, IFE.

4.2 Work processes and Decision-making.
Project manager: Sjur Larsen, NTNU Samfunnsforskning.

4.3 Integrated Operations and Safety.
Project manager: Eirik Albrechtsen, Sintef Sikkerhet og Pålitelighet.

Program 3, Operation and Maintenance, managed by Anders Valland , Marintek. The program consists of  three projects:

3.1 Condition based Operation and Maintenance Support.
Project manager: Mario Hoffmann, IFE.

3.2 Condition Monitoring of Oil & Gas Facilities.
Project manager: Torgeir Brurok, Marintek.

3.3 Integrated Planning.
Project manager: Aud Marit Wahl, Marintek.

Program 2, Reservoir management and Production Optimization, managed by Bjarne Foss, NTNU.

Program 1, Drilling and Well Construction, managed by Tor Stein Ølberg, Sintef Petroleum

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