Man, Technology and Organisation

COPMA (Computerised OPerating MAnuals)


COPMA-III is a software tool for supporting the use and development of Computerised Procedure Systems (CPS). COPMA-III has been used in human performance experiments in IFEs human-machine laboratory HAMMLAB and is also part of the permanent alarm display system in the laboratory.

Nilsen, Svein Ragnar

Lead Scientist


The management of complicated work processes is often described in terms of procedures. The traditional way to instruct the operator is by way of printed paper, but such a solution offers little assistance in terms of executing the procedure. By transferring the printed procedures to electronic form in a formalized manner it is possible to offer computerized procedure execution assistance. COPMA-III supports the execution of the procedures by using online process information as referred to by the procedure assisting the operator in monitoring process conditions and making choices.


Target users of COPMA-III are:

  • industrial process operators or other persons following a procedure, e.g.
  • procedure maintenance staff
  • system developers utilizing information contained in the procedures

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