COAST Project Results

COAST 1993

The CASH development is based on COAST usage

The development of the CASH (Computerised Alarm System for Hammlab) system used COAST for the alarm generation and structuring, and Picasso-3 for displaying alarm and process information. CASH is utilising the NORS (Westernised VVER NPP) simulator. Several versions of COAST and Picasso-3 have been used during the development, and the experience from the utilisation of these tools have had great impact on the tools themselves.

COAST 1995

COAST integration into Siemens control system started

COAST was integrated as an add-on module to Siemens Norway's process control system Sicos LSX. Siemens Norway has world wide responsibility for delivery of process control systems for oil platform installations.

COAST 1997

KEPRI/KEPCO in Korea starts to use COAST in the KNGR development

COAST was chosen to be used for the alarm system in the development of the KNGR (Korean Next Generation Reactor) in Korea by KEPRI/KEPCO. A training course was given.

COAST 1998

Tecnatom starts to use COAST in the alarm system development for two NPP's. COAST used in the PETHSI development in HAMMLAB.

Tecnatom in Spain starts to use COAST in the development of new alarm systems for the Almaraz and Cofrentes nuclear power plants. A training course was given.

COAST is used in the PETHSI (Petroleum simulator) alarm system development.

COAST 1999

KEMA used COAST in an alarm system demonstration for a NPP simulator

An alarm system demonstration was built together with KEMA for the Doodevard simulator in the Netherlands, where COAST and Picasso-3 were used.

COAST 2000

COAST used to make an event generator in HAMMLAB.

COAST was used to make the event generator necessary for the HCA (Human Centred Automation) experiment in HAMMLAB. COAST was enhanced to support multiple CoastKernels in order to accomplish this, as the existing alarm system was required to remain unchanged with the new event generator (using one CoastKernel) running in parallel.

COAST 2001

COAST used in the HAMBO and FRESH alarm systems in HAMMLAB

COAST is used in the HAMBO (BWR simulator) and FRESH (PWR simulator) alarm system development.