Man, Technology and Organisation

Systems and Interface Design (SID)

The SID department develops computer-based systems used for applications such as condition monitoring, surveillance, and decision support. These systems are used to assist in operation of complex industrial plants and processes. The main purpose of these systems is to improve operational safety and profitability so that economical, safety and environmental goals are more easily met. Another key activity in the department is design of enhanced user interfaces to satisfy the operator's needs for operating on a safe and efficient basis.

Hoffmann, Mario

Department Head


System development and interface design are primarily driven by long-term research programs within the OECD Halden Reactor Project and through direct projects with external industrial customers; i.e. mostly in the nuclear- and the petroleum industry.

Research activities

  • Development of computer systems based on new methods and technology for operation
  • Development of operation centers concepts
  • Design of innovative interface concepts


Some of our systems are installed as real industry applications while others are prototypes to demonstrate new concepts.

  • The core surveillance system SCORPIO
  • Sensor validation systems
  • Condition and performance monitoring system
  • Alarm system
  • Interface design recommendations
  • Operation centers design support
  • Computer based procedure system
  • Diagnostic system
  • Knowledge based system


The department offers to take part in projects and provide consultancy services within surveillance and control of industrial processes. In addition to projects related to the department’s products, it is also participate in inter-department projects of IFE.


The department's staff members have competence within several areas such as:

  • Broad engineering and cybernetics competence
  • Highly skilled computing scientists
  • Close cooperation with leading universities and research centers.
  • The nuclear process and operation
  • The petroleum process
  • Control room design, in particular deep knowledge within interface design, large screen displays and alarm systems