Material Technology

Novel Production Technology for Silicon Products (NoSi) (2016-2018)


Foss, Sean Erik

Head of Department


IFE has for more than ten years been developing technology to produce high-quality silicon products from silane gas. Silane is a high-purity gas that contains only silicon and hydrogen, and using methods available at IFE we can remove the hydrogen and we are remaining with silicon of very high purity. The equipment at IFE is capable of making silicon with specific properties, which can be suitable for different applications.

In this project IFE is partnering with a Danish company (Danica Silicon Aps), that is developing a new process for production of silane gas. We expect that the combination of the new silane production method and new production methods for silicon developed at IFE will open up market opportunities, especially for small-scale production facilities. This is unique - most of the high-purity silicon in the world is produced by large chemical companies, and there are very few of producers of silane gas.

IFE's laboratory for silicon production

IFE's laboratory for silicon production will in this project be used for testing the quality of silane gas and develop better production methods for silicon materials. (Photo: Trygve Mongstad)

2016-10-06 Trygve Mongstad