Man, Technology and Organisation

Human-Centered Technologies

Applying advanced visualisation technologies and human factors to solving real-world challenges

VRC IllustrationHuman-Centered Technologies is organised as a section under the Software Engineering Department (SE) at IFE in Halden, Norway.

The three pillars of the section are Halden Project research, bilateral projects, and academic cooperation with universities. In addition to highly qualified staff, we have a well-equipped virtual reality laboratory in which we can perform experimental studies.

Our research addresses activities where spatially oriented decision-making is required during the lifecycle of a nuclear facility, and in particular where decision-making can be enhanced through improved visualisation. By developing concepts and methods, and performing experimental studies, we assess novel 2D and 3D technologies and applications, to determine how best they can support real industry requirements and expectations, without introducing more problems than they solve.
While our research is primarily focused on the requirements of the nuclear industry, the transfer of results to (and from) the petroleum industry and other industries is also an important goal for us.

Our focus is on activities in the following areas:

  • Participative and user-centred design
  • Outage and decommissioning planning
  • Operations and maintenance training

Our technical platform combines a mixture of virtual and augmented reality, gaming, collaboration, physics, and data management methods and technologies, however, in order to prototype, test, and implement solutions within the areas listed above, our fundamental research activities cover a range of topics that include:

  • Collaborative augmented and virtual environments
  • Virtual humans and work procedure simulation
  • Radiation and hazard visualisation
  • Semantic technologies to support design and evaluation processes
  • 3D user interfaces
  • 3D data management
  • 3D graphics and simulation techniques

We have a close cooperation with both staff and students at Kyoto University in Japan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), and Østfold University College. (HiØ). We  also supervise student projects, given lectures, and have participated in projects with other universities around the world.