Apply ALARA principles efficiently to improve safety and lower costs

A significant motivation behind the VRdose system has been to make advanced, radiation exposure situation analysis technology accessible to a broader range of users, who can benefit from an interactive 3D visual representation of radiation risks to support ALARA optimisation. By integrating radiological information with 3D models of nuclear facilities and environments, to facilitate risk-informed planning and work execution, we aim to support the optimisation of radiological protection for activities in nuclear environments and enhance safety culture, by increasing stakeholders’ comprehension of radiation risks, thus contributing to improving safety in nuclear facilities.

Support organisational learning

Once scenarios have been prepared and the planned work has been executed, the scenarios themselves can be useful for preparing case studies for best practices for educational purposes, and the radiation visualisation capabilities can be useful for the training of new employees and contractors. Furthermore, over time, the historical data accumulated in the database can serve as a useful digital archive which, given sufficient amounts of data, may be useful for statistical analysis and other data mining activities to support organisational learning.